What liabilities long term car rentals bring for you?

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Many say that a car rental in Dubai frees you from liabilities. Well, it’s a fact, but not from all the liabilities. If you choose to go for a long-term car rental, you will eventually sign up for a few liabilities, or we can say responsibilities. Let’s check out these conditions and explore what can be the solution to them. 

Care of cleaning 

Cleaning the car is not a rental service provider’s responsibility. When using it for a long time, you need to keep it clean. Not keeping the car clean will impact your contract and cause you to face reparations. 

Observing maintenance schedule 

Though you are not paying for the maintenance, you must keep an eye on the maintenance schedule. In normal cases, the rental office will call you about the potential dates for maintenance and tow the car for the purpose. But, sometimes, you need to have attentive toward these dates while scheduling your drive schedule. 

Taking care of fixes 

While driving on the road or using the car, you might have gotten some damages, scratches, or even breakouts. All these things are your liability or responsibility to fix. The rental service manager will put the worn-out parts, mechanical fixes, and other things into your account. It is fair as you have been using the vehicle for a long time. The car rental deals can ask you to take care of these things. However, you need to be careful with everything and make sure you are always being vigilant to fix these damages. 

When the car is insured, in most cases, you should reach out to your car rental dealer for insurance claims. 

Decide everything in your agreement. 

For long-term rental contracts, you can come across several things at times. These can demand you something extra that you were not expecting at all. To avoid the situation, you can put everything in the agreement. Ask your rental service provider to notify you of all these liabilities or put someone on the job of taking care of these things. If you don’t want to bear any hassle, you can simply get these things straight in the contract and avoid further problems with the processes. 


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